Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills

Veterinary Diagnostic Centers

What referring veterinarians need to know

Why refer to Veterinary Diagnostic Centers?

Having trouble getting your patient into an internist or cardiologist for an appointment in a timely manner? Problem Solved! Our advanced capabilities include full remote internal medicine or cardiology consultations. All we need is a full history with any labwork and radiographs that’s been completed, and we’ll do the rest!

We will perform the abdominal or echocardiogram (no radiology on our premises)

We will perform electrocardiogram

We will obtain the blood pressure

We will even submit heart sounds collected with our digital stethoscope

What our referring veterinarians should know before referring:
  1. We Accept Patients By Referral Only! We are here to work with you to carry out your patient’s diagnostic needs.
  2. Along with performing the ultrasound, we can also collect and submit lab samples for your client and you convenience.
  3. We know you are vouching for us and a positive client/patient experience is of utmost importance! To that end we:
    • Our Staff and Facility are Fear Free certified!
    • Encourage the pet parent to be present for the whole appointment although drop-offs are acceptable. No need to leave their scared companion in an unfamiliar environment!
    • Offer Online Booking and Digital Payments
    • One of the tenets of Fear Free is that a little chemical restraint is far preferable over a lot physical restraint! Please prescribe oral sedatives to be administered prior to arrival.  We can talk this through with you if need be!  Trazodone and/or Gabapentin for dogs and Gabapentin for cats tend to be the best. We cannot prescribe due to no VPCR.
   4. We often do not have a veterinarian on site.  Our team is led by Anna Mead CVT and Jennifer Olavarria RDMS.  Therefore if you have a patient with emergent issues please send them to the ER (ie respiratory distress or concerns for hemoabdomen)!