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Veterinary Diagnostic Centers

The Veterinary Diagnostic Centers story

Since graduating from veterinary school over 20 years ago, Katie and Jeff have observed the seismic changes (some good and some bad) that have affected our ability to provide the necessary veterinary care to our pets. A perfect example is the development and use of advanced diagnostics—but access to this care limits the benefit to our pets.

Our profession is experiencing critical shortages of veterinary care providers in all facets of our profession, from primary care to emergency care to specialists. We’ve been heartbroken listening to pet parents’ stories of agonizing searches for a veterinary specialist that could see their pet in a timely fashion. One of the most common stories we heard was the need to have an abdominal or cardiac ultrasound performed by an internist or a cardiologist. These doctors are working tirelessly, but there are simply not enough of them to fulfill the need. A solution needed to be found!

Veterinary Diagnostic Centers IS that solution! Using available telehealth technologies, we connect veterinarians and their patients with remote veterinary specialists.