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Veterinary Diagnostic Centers

The Veterinary Diagnostic Centers Veterinary Services

At Veterinary Diagnostic Centers, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our caring, skillful veterinary staff are here to help when you need us most.

Our Veterinary Services

System Focused Abdominal Ultrasound

Sometimes your veterinarian just needs a single body system assessed by ultrasound. Pregnant pets are a perfect example of such a situation.

Basic Ultrasound Studies-Cardiac Ultrasound or Abdominal Ultrasound

Often your veterinarian does not need a full consultation with a specialist for your pet-only ultrasound study itself. No problem! We can do that for both the abdominal organs and the heart. These reports will come back with ultrasonographic findings of normal and abnormal structures, along with a brief report of potential causes for any abnormalities noted. All additional services listed above are available to be performed with Basic Ultrasound at an additional cost.

Comprehensive Cardiology or Internal Medicine Consultations

Can’t get an appointment with a cardiologist or an internist for weeks? Our technological capabilities allow us to provide all the information needed to our remote-boarded specialists so that they can advise you and your veterinarian to provide the best outcome for your pet. In addition to the ultrasound study Veterinary Diagnostic Centers can also perform:

  • Electrocardiograms (for cardiology cases)
  • Blood Pressure readings
  • Digital Cardiac Auscultations
  • Laboratory Sample Collection and Submissions (additional costs apply)
  • When safe, ultrasound-guided aspirates (samples for analysis) of structures

Laboratory Services

Is your pet due for any blood or urine tests? We can conveniently take care of that as well upon request by your veterinarian.

Pricing of laboratory services is available upon request as there are so many available we can’t include them all on our website!